Advertising--it's not about creating great works of art. It's about creating communications that are designed to accomplish a specific business objective.

Thomas Keith & Associates — on the ‘net since January, 1995.

Whether it's a web site, sales or collateral materials, direct mail, or traditional print or broadcast advertising, the purpose is the same — to accomplish specific business objectives you've set for your operation. That's why Thomas Keith & Associates places so much emphasis on understanding strategy before starting work on executions.

That doesn't mean that we create communications that are dry and dull. We know that communications or promotions that don't catch the target audience's attention can't accomplish much of anything.

But it does mean that Thomas Keith & Associates always keeps your primary goals in mind.

We don't bill ourselves as “graphic designers,” because graphic design is just one part of a final execution. We don't bill ourselves as an “advertising agency” because sometimes paid advertising isn't the best path to accomplish a marketing goal. And we're not a “creative boutique” that thinks it knows your specific needs better than you do.

What we are is your committed partner in helping you achieve your company's marketing goals.

Our centrally located Chicago-area office allows us to serve clients across the country.

Questions or comments? Wondering about your company's marketing needs or programs? Write us at

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