Three key aspects of our approach to our clients' needs:
We're strategists - Everything we do starts with a carefully crafted statement of the client's marketing strategy. This strategy guides all subsequent development of materials and selection of media. If you hear an agency talk about "thinking outside the box" or "spontaneous creativity," you can think to yourself "they don't understand or care about your strategy."

So, we're proud to say that we think inside the box .... but we also make sure the box is big enough to include the best ideas for growing your business.

Solid Strategy!
We're generalists - We don't favor any particular technique or medium over any other. We don't provide cookie-cutter solutions. Once a strategically sound program is developed, we'll bring in highly talented freelance specialists to execute the program impeccably. Generalists - take you in the most appropriate direction
We're collaborators - We won't develop strategies and programs in a vacuum. We recognize that we'll never understand your business as well as you do. We believe that the combination of your understanding of your business and our strategic marketing orientation can produce stellar results.
All work is a collaborative effort between TK&A and the client

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