Thomas Keith & Associates was among the first advertising firms to develop advertising programs to drive traffic to web sites. A few examples: In the summer of 1995, Morrison International began offering its revolutionary method of manufacturing eyeglasses to consumers over the web. But they found the website generated very little traffic. Thomas Keith & Associates identified a specific target audience that: a) had good access to the internet at that time; and b) would be receptive to the company's exceptional pricing.
Note that the above is no longer a valid offer.
In early 1995, The Writer's Resource developed a method to help students get their papers proofread over the internet, in twelve hours or less. While Writer's Resource wouldn't do the work for the students, it would help them become better at expressing their findings and ideas. And traffic to the site, as well as stickiness features at the site, were driven by plans developed and executed by Thomas Keith & Associates. Writer's Resource
Note that the company has revised its business model and no longer offers this service.

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