Advertising and Marketing

Church & Chapel's 68-page catalog boosted business
Church & Chapel Metal Arts saw a major increase in its business - despite competing in a very stable, mature category - after working with Thomas Keith & Associates to develop a new 68-page catalog strategically designed to provide customers with especially easy access to its best products.
Chapco Carton Company's salespeople had a great story about their capabilities and quality people, but it took an industrial video from Thomas Keith & Associates to drive home the story in a memorable, credible fashion.
Chapco's video made their compelling story more credible
[On Money Management and Chemistry - for The Chicago Trust Company]
What separates The Chicago Trust Company from other money managers? Could it be Chemistry?
Thomas Keith & Associates helped Chapco Carton Company introduce a revolutionary new way to market its quick-turnaround folding carton technology - incorporating traditional and multi-media advertising.
[Chapco Carton ad]
[Simple Pleasures Light network TV]
When the folks at Simple Pleasures Light Low Fat Ice Cream started working with Thomas Keith & Associates, they had no idea that their tiny advertising budget could accomodate network television. Thomas Keith & Associates showed them how.
This ad promotes NSC Technologies - providing contract research services for the food industry. If you're an R&D director for a food company, you'll understand the "dreaded project list."
Ben Franklin is smiling!
How would you want your money to feel about the way it's managed?

Product Development

[Easy 2% package] In 1990, the leading product for people who had trouble digesting milk (lactose-intolerant) was LactAid.

Research designed and conducted by Thomas Keith revealed that:

most lactose-intolerant individuals didn't realize they were lactose-intolerant. Most didn't even know what the term 'lactose' meant. Thus, a product whose name suggests 'aid with lactose' was completely irrelevant.

they wanted to be able to drink milk, but didn't want to have to purchase a highly specialized product.

they didn't want to have to buy a 'special' milk for only one family member.

With Dean Foods, Thomas Keith developed Easy 2% lactose-reduced milk.

a friendly name that clearly suggests 'easy to digest'.

technological and production innovations to ensure a flavor virtually identical to other 2% milks.

packaging, pricing and shelf position that reinforce the brand's 'real' milk, all-family positioning.

Results? Same-store sales of five times that of the previous category leader.

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