Advertising and Marketing Resources

Some of TK&A's prepress work is done by the talented group at Sunrise Hitek Service, Inc.

And some of our multimedia development is accomplished in partnership with Brella Productions.

Advertising Age is the trade publication widely considered the 'bible' of the advertising industry, and is a great source for industry goings-on.

Crucial to successful marketing is understanding your target audience, and demographic analysis is frequently the first step in that process. American Demographics can be a big help.

The University of Texas has a huge Advertising World site.

Connect with an extensive advertising law resource.

Ad/Insight. Resources and commentary for the online advertising and marketing community.

Or find more ads at adcritic.

Parodies of outdoor advertising can be found at the Billboard Liberation Front..

Advertising Agencies

A few interesting sites from our competitors:

Kres (Bulgaria)

Artmaster (Ukraine)

Communications Alliance (Denmark)

AdWork (Indonesia)

Percept (India)

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